Gabriela Ospina

General Manager

Originally a Miami native, Gabriela spent nearly a decade on the living and working on the West Coast. Originally, she studied Menswear Design at F.I.D.M in San Francisco, but soon realized that food, wine, and people were the great loves of her life. Throughout the many jobs she held over the years, the common thread was always the love for personal connections she had developed with coworkers and patrons alike. While working her way up, she learned the warm, educated style of California hospitality from every aspect, in both the back and front of the house. Upon returning to Miami in 2015, she worked at many of Miami’s signature locales before eventually finding a home at Macchialina, first as a server and bartender, and then eventually as General Manager. Working alongside Jacqueline Pirolo, Gabriela will continue to further and share her passion for Italy’s native wines while managing day to day operations and continuing to make connections with the community.

Gabriela Ospina

"I have quite a few favorite dishes but the short list is Leche de Tigre, Buffalo Wings, and a spicy Spaghetti Pomodoro with fresh basil. I could, and have, eaten these dishes multiple times a week and have never gotten over them. Anything with salt, acid, and heat does it for me!"

Michael Pirolo

"For me, the perfect dish is spaghetti con vongole. I never tire of eating it. There is such a wonderfully delicate balance between the sweetness of the garlic, the brininess of the clams and the heat you get in the back of your throat from the peperoncino. Oh, and don't skimp on the clams, I don't want to even be able to see the spaghetti before I've eaten 10 clams."

Jennifer Chaefsky

"I love whole fish, salt crusted and/or fire roasted. I love picking around the head and getting every morsel from the bones. There's something so satisfying about it."

Jacqueline Pirolo

"I can eat pasta every single day. I couldn't possibly choose one, but in my top 3 would be orecchiette with broccoli rabe along side a glass of timorasso."